4th Workshop on Data Mining for Medicine and Healthcare

May 2, 2015, Vancouver, BC, Canada

To be held in conjunction with 15th SIAM International Conference on Data Mining (SDM 2015)


In virtually every country, the cost of healthcare is increasing more rapidly than the willingness and the ability to pay for it. At the same time, more and more data is being captured around healthcare processes in the form of Electronic Health Records (EHR), health insurance claims, medical imaging databases, disease registries, spontaneous reporting sites, and clinical trials. As a result, data mining has become critical to the healthcare world. On the one hand, EHR offers the data that gets data miners excited, however on the other hand, is accompanied with challenges such as 1) the unavailability of large sources of data to academic researchers, and 2) limited access to data-mining experts. Healthcare entities are reluctant to release their internal data to academic researchers and in most cases there is limited interaction between industry practitioners and academic researchers working on related problems.

The objectives of this workshop are:
1. Bring together researchers (from both academia and industry) as well as practitioners to present their latest problems and ideas.
2. Attract healthcare providers who have access to interesting sources of data and problems but lack the expertise in data mining to use the data effectively. 
3. Enhance interactions between data mining, text mining and visual analytics communities working on problems from medicine and healthcare.

SDM is a unique venue for this workshop as leading researchers and practitioners from academia and industry will be able to participate. A workshop where healthcare professionals can have an audience, present and discuss their problems, views and ideas on the field as well as pose research challenges will attract them to SDM. The organizers of this proposed workshop have continuous and in-depth contact with people working on healthcare applications of data mining and healthcare professionals in the US and Europe which will attract a broad and varied set of participants. We believe that this workshop will serve as a bridge between the traditional SDM community and healthcare professionals - two groups of participants that have a lot to learn from and share with each other.

Topics of Interest

Topic areas for the workshop include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Statistical analysis and characterization of healthcare data
  • Text mining - mining free text in electronic medical records
  • Visual analysis and exploration of longitudinal clinical trial data
  • Meaningful use of healthcare data for improved patient care and cost-reduction
  • Data quality assessment and improvement: preprocessing, cleaning, missing data treatment etc.
  • Pattern detection and hypothesis generation from observational data
  • Visualization of prescriptions drugs and interactions
  • Privacy and security issues in healthcare
  • Information fusion and knowledge transfer in healthcare
  • Evolutionary and longitudinal patient and disease models
  • Medical fraud detection
  • Hospital readmission analytics
  • Help with ICD 9 to ICD 10 conversions
  • Health Information exchanges

Workshop Chairs

Nitesh Chawla
University of Notre Dame
Gregor Stiglic
University of Maribor
Fei Wang
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

 Publicity chair:  Proceedings chair:
Ping Zhang
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Xiang Wang
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Note: for inquiries please send e-mail to gregor.stiglic@um.si and fwang@us.ibm.com

Program Committee


Important Dates

Paper Submission: TBA

Notification of Acceptance: TBA

Camera Ready Paper Due: TBA

Workshop: May 2, 2015

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Workshop Schedule


Invited Speakers


Previous Edition of the Workshop

First Workshop on Data Mining for Medicine and Healthcare was organized at KDD 2011 conference in San Diego, CA. The workshop was implemented as a full-day workshop with 2 invited speakers, 6 full papers and 4 short papers.

Keynote lectures and the panel are available at http://videolectures.net/datamining2011_san_diego/.

Information on the 2nd and 3rd Workshop on Data Mining for Medicine and Healthcare can be found at DMMH-SDM 2013 and DMMH-SDM 2014 websites.